Johnny And The Easyriders lineup consists of:
JT - Lead/Background Vocals and Guitars
TJ James - Lead/Background Vocals and Keyboards
Jim - Lead/Background Vocals and Bass
Vince - Lead/Rhythm Guitars
Rob - Lead/Background Vocals and Drums


The collective professional experience of Johnny And The Easyriders is well over 30 years worth.
We offer a diverse range of material from the 1950's through to today's more contemporary hits.
Members of Johnny And The Easyriders have also featured in the original Heroes from Heaven show, Jukebox Jive and other well known Sydney bands.
Johnny And The Easyriders can perform tributes to Buddy Holly and Neil Diamond as well as full 50’s/60’s Rock ’N ’Roll, Country Music and 70’s - 2000’s cover shows depending on your clients needs.
Our repertoire is constantly changing and evolving in an effort to appeal to the widest audiences possible.
Different members of Johnny And The Easyriders can also perform as a duo or trio.