Leon Fallon is an artist of many talents. He first picked up the guitar thanks to his older brother being a guitar player with a truly awesome record collection, from the age of 13. Leon is brilliant with crowds. He's an entertainer. He loves nothing more to read and plug into an audience and become one with them. It's his mission! In his words.. "And where "we" go together from there.. well that's when the magic starts." Leon is an an accomplished vocalist, lead and slide guitarist, he's played and recorded with some of the best musicians in the business in Sydney and performed all over Australia. 


Whether it's playing solo with a loop station, duo with one of his brothers, or fellow musicians, or fronting his (three piece up to 8 piece) band; the function, event, pub or club are always in for a treat. Leon lived in New York City for nearly 10 years where he performed professionally as a musician. Whilst there he also trained and worked professionally as an actor, and voice over artist working with various theatre companies and performing in stage productions, further honing his craft as an all round performer. He's also signed to the ABC 4 Kids, with his kids show The Outback Aussie show, which he co-created and co-wrote all songs on with John Field (Master song writer for The Wiggles, Cockroaches and his latest musical, coming to a theatre near you soon ;)